What Is Airway-Centered Dentistry?

At Dr. Ian Gray Dental Group, we focus on airway health for adults and children. Traditional dentistry mainly focuses on your teeth and gums. We believe that ensuring your airway is open and working properly can eliminate many problems that can develop with your oral and overall health. Depending on your needs, we may use treatment methods such as orthodontics, dental procedures, and oral appliances.

Could Your Young Child Benefit From Orthodontic Treatment?

Have we recommended that your child receive orthodontic treatment, and you are concerned they are too young? Over the years, we have learned that early orthodontic treatment provides many benefits. We have realized that children benefit from a two-phase orthodontic treatment, with the first phase occurring around age seven. Depending on the results, your child may not even need the second phase of treatment. Read on to learn more about the benefits of early orthodontic treatment.

Complications A Bite Problem Can Cause To Your Oral Health And Your Daily Life

At the Dr. Ian Gray Dental Group, we want to help patients with treatments that will improve their quality of life. We want to help patients improve issues with their oral health that may be impacting their daily lives or lead to serious problems with their oral health in the future. One problem that patients may not realize can be negative for their oral health is an issue with their bite and the alignment of their teeth. The bite refers to the way the upper and lower jaws and teeth come together. A bad bite is when the teeth do not line up properly or, in some serious cases, they do not meet at all. Over time, bite problems that are not corrected with orthodontic care can lead to complications with your oral health. Issues that you may notice include:

We Can Help You Breathe Easier

An unhealthy airway is detrimental to your overall health. Adults and children can be affected by improper airway development or airway obstruction. Would you know what signs to look for to determine if you, your child, or a loved one is suffering from these serious conditions? Thankfully, we are able to not only determine if there is a problem, but we also offer treatments that can improve your quality of life. Read on to learn more about signs to look for and treatments we offer.

Does Bad Breath Indicate A Problem With Your Oral Health?

Do you find yourself constantly reaching for breath mints or stepping away from others when you speak because you are concerned about the smell of your breath? It is not uncommon to experience bad breath from time to time. It has happened to us all at some point, especially after eating certain foods. For most people, their breath improves after a thorough brushing and flossing. If you notice that you are frequently experiencing bad breath, it can be an indication that you have a problem with your oral health. These are some of the issues that can cause bad breath:

Is TMD Making Your Life Difficult?

The health of our patients is important to us. We never want our patients to experience issues with their oral and overall health that negatively impact their quality of life. There is one condition that can lead to significant problems in many areas of your life if you don’t get treatment. Continue reading to learn more about this common condition, to see if you or a loved one may be suffering, and to learn more about the importance of receiving treatment.

Summer Dental Tips For Children

We don’t know about you, but we are thrilled that summer is starting in a few short days! Even though it already feels like summer with the longer days and warmer weather, there is something comforting when the season officially starts. Summer is such a relaxing time. Schedules are lighter with school out of session and work may be more relaxed during this time. One area that should not be more relaxed during the summer is your oral hygiene routine. This is particularly important for any children in your life. The last thing we want is for summer enjoyment to lead to decay and dental problems in the fall. We wanted to share some tips to help your young one’s teeth remain healthy this summer:

What Your Sensitive Teeth May Be Telling You

With the warm weather and summer upon us, frosty treats, such as ice cream, are popular to help stay cool. Does the thought of biting into an ice cream cone make you shiver with dread? If your teeth are bothered by cold and hot, you may be suffering from tooth sensitivity. If you notice that you have these sensations frequently, your teeth are telling you that there may be a problem with your oral health. Read on to learn more about tooth sensitivity and the oral health problems you may be experiencing.

How To Guard Against Cavities

When a patient visits our office for a hygiene examination and cleaning, the biggest concern is always whether we have found tooth decay. Patients of all ages often struggle to properly clean their back teeth. Since our back molars do most of the chewing, there is always food and bacteria that linger behind. Unfortunately, food that remains trapped in those grooves will eventually turn into cavities, and treatment will be recommended. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a treatment that could help prevent cavities from developing in the back teeth? You are in luck! Continue reading to learn more about this tooth-saving treatment.