Impactful Videos

Educational Videos from our very own Dr. Ian Gray and his team.

Dr. Ian Gray has been a reputable dentist in Newmarket since 1987. Procedures in dentistry have come a long way since he started, and he truly believes that advancements in medical and dental technology help him provide better service to his patients and the community. Dr. Gray is here to provide you with dental procedures for the exact treatment you need. Come see why the Newmarket community trusts Dr. Gray with restoring their smiles!  Should you have additional concerns, please contact us to book a consultation with Dr. Gray.

What is Myofunctional Therapy?

Our hygienist Felicia is here to talk about myofunctional therapy. Never heard of it? You’re not alone! Myofunctional therapy is the missing link that can help with:

  • Chewing
  • Swallowing
  • Breathing
  • Sleeping
  • General health issues

Basically, most everyone can benefit from it. At Dr. Ian Gray Dental Group, we use myofunctional therapy in conjunction with orthodontic treatment to improve oral health, physical well-being, and quality of life.

Attention! New Moms & Parents of Young Children Need to Watch This!

Felicia is back from maternity leave and has important information to share. Her newborn son was having trouble nursing and sleeping and experiencing reflux. What was the issue? After seeing a pediatric dentist, she discovered he had a tongue tie and a lip tie. Now that she has addressed those, her son is doing much better. If your newborn or young child is having problems of any kind, it could be related to their mouth.

It’s Good to Know People

Dr. Ian Gray is always pursuing knowledge and seeking to broaden his skills. Today, he talks about having a surgical mentor — someone he trusts to perform highly specialized procedures on his patients and who helps him continue to learn and grow in his own practice. There is always something more to learn, especially in dentistry.

Did you know your nose is a filter?

As Dr. Ian Gray always says, breathing through your nose is healthier for your body than breathing through your mouth. In this video, he explains a little more using a real-world example. Breathing through your nose filters and cleans the air before it enters your lungs. Your mouth does not have any mechanisms to do that. Learn more about it in the book Breath by James Nestor, and visit to request an airway assessment and consultation.

Surprising signs that your child has an inadequate airway

Does your child snore, show signs of hyperactivity, have attention deficit issues, or wet the bed at night?

They may have an airway problem. Dr. Ian Gray specializes in treating children with inadequate airway using special appliances and techniques that optimize airway development. Learn more in this video. If you’re concerned about your child’s breathing, don’t hesitate! Contact Dr. Gray.

Dr. Ian Gray has braces! You’ll never guess why…

Braces aren’t just to make your smile look perfect. They can also take care of chronic earaches related to TMJ dysfunction, like in Dr. Gray’s case. Watch as he explains how it works. At Dr. Ian Gray Dental Group, you can find a solution to relieve your TMJ symptoms, whether that be braces, an oral appliance, or a combination of dental and orthodontic treatments. Your pain will be gone AND your smile will look great. It’s a win-win!

Breathing & Brain Development: A Crucial Connection for Children

Oxygen is essential for life. Everyone knows that. But have you ever considered the effect a compromised or underdeveloped airway can have on brain development in children? Of course, Dr. Ian Gray has. Airway development is crucial to many other essential body functions, including brain development. If you have little ones, give them the best chance for success with an airway assessment. Visit to learn more.

How Are Dental Crowns Color Matched?

Dr. Ian Gray reveals another fascinating dental fact. This time, he’s explaining how crowns are made to match the color of the patient’s surrounding teeth. It may be a little more challenging to ensure that a crown placed on a front tooth looks perfectly natural, but Dr. Gray knows what to do so that the results are always flawless. Watch this video to learn more. The expert team at Dr. Ian Gray Dental Group would be happy to help you!

Did You Know That There Are Different Types of Crowns?

Another Saturday morning video from Dr. Ian Gray to educate us on common dental issues. This Saturday, he’s talking about all the different types of crowns. Not all crowns are created equal, as Dr. Gray reveals in this video. Each type consists of different materials and has a different aesthetic effect. Some crowns last longer than others. Watch this video for more details. If you need a crown, schedule a consultation today.

My teeth are getting longer! How can that be?

If it seems like your teeth are getting longer, it’s not because they’re growing. It is more likely because your gums are receding. Gum recession poses a serious threat to oral health and needs attention right away. Watch as Dr. Ian Gray explains the causes of gum recession and what you can do to take proper care of your gums.

Physiotherapy for your mouth muscles

The importance of having a properly functioning jaw and tongue cannot be overstated. Myofuntional therapy is one of Dr. Ian Gray’s specialties. He wants to help more people understand what it is and when it is needed. Let Dr. Gray explain some of the basics, and then, if you want to know more, visit Request a consultation to assess your oral health and learn what you can do to have better function in your mouth.