Complications A Bite Problem Can Cause To Your Oral Health And Your Daily Life

At the Dr. Ian Gray Dental Group, we want to help patients with treatments that will improve their quality of life. We want to help patients improve issues with their oral health that may be impacting their daily lives or lead to serious problems with their oral health in the future. One problem that patients may not realize can be negative for their oral health is an issue with their bite and the alignment of their teeth. The bite refers to the way the upper and lower jaws and teeth come together. A bad bite is when the teeth do not line up properly or, in some serious cases, they do not meet at all. Over time, bite problems that are not corrected with orthodontic care can lead to complications with your oral health. Issues that you may notice include:

Is TMD Making Your Life Difficult?

The health of our patients is important to us. We never want our patients to experience issues with their oral and overall health that negatively impact their quality of life. There is one condition that can lead to significant problems in many areas of your life if you don’t get treatment. Continue reading to learn more about this common condition, to see if you or a loved one may be suffering, and to learn more about the importance of receiving treatment.

Ever Heard Of Jaw Development Therapy?

Do you regularly experience headaches or facial discomfort? If so, you may have tried various over-the-counter treatments and found no relief. You may be surprised to learn that you are actually experiencing an issue with the structure of the jaw, which is leading to the discomfort you have been experiencing. Thankfully, we have a treatment that can improve the placement of the jaw and improve your symptoms — jaw development therapy. We recently had the pleasure to sit with a patient who explained they were hesitant to try the treatment at first but then went on to share their current feelings and experience with the treatment. Click here to watch a short video and learn more.

Check Out This Inspiring Video!

Do you find that you are experiencing continuous pain and discomfort in your jaw and it is keeping you from living your life? Or do you experience your jaw locking and you cannot eat and speak properly? If so, you may be experiencing symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder, also commonly referred to as TMD. I want to share some thoughts from patients like you who also suffer from TMD. They share how their lives have changed since receiving treatment. Click here to see these moving testimonies and learn more about how I can help change your life.

Are You Suffering From TMD?

Do you find yourself experiencing frequent discomfort in your jaw and face when you open your mouth or chew? Or do you find that you are waking frequently with unexplained headaches? If either of these scenarios is something you regularly experience, you may be suffering from a common condition known as temporomandibular joint disorder, also called TMD. You may also be familiar with the term TMJ, which stands for the temporomandibular joint. TMD is a chronic degenerative condition that affects the temporomandibular joints, which are the joints located on either side of the head that connect the jaw to the skull. The effects of TMD can significantly affect your quality of life.