Complications A Bite Problem Can Cause To Your Oral Health And Your Daily Life

At the Dr. Ian Gray Dental Group, we want to help patients with treatments that will improve their quality of life. We want to help patients improve issues with their oral health that may be impacting their daily lives or lead to serious problems with their oral health in the future. One problem that patients may not realize can be negative for their oral health is an issue with their bite and the alignment of their teeth. The bite refers to the way the upper and lower jaws and teeth come together. A bad bite is when the teeth do not line up properly or, in some serious cases, they do not meet at all. Over time, bite problems that are not corrected with orthodontic care can lead to complications with your oral health. Issues that you may notice include:

Does Bad Breath Indicate A Problem With Your Oral Health?

Do you find yourself constantly reaching for breath mints or stepping away from others when you speak because you are concerned about the smell of your breath? It is not uncommon to experience bad breath from time to time. It has happened to us all at some point, especially after eating certain foods. For most people, their breath improves after a thorough brushing and flossing. If you notice that you are frequently experiencing bad breath, it can be an indication that you have a problem with your oral health. These are some of the issues that can cause bad breath: